Air Optix for Astigmatism 6 pack

Unity priced $80.00
  • Ao for a front
  • Ao for a side

Air Optix® for Astigmatism contact lenses let you see clearly and comfortably, without the discomfort and dryness usual in an astigmatic lens. The TriComfort Technology found in these lenses allows oxygen to flow continuously, keeping your eyes feeling healthy and your vision sharp. You'll also notice that your eyes feel moist and smooth, the result of patented Air Optix® technology that helps the lenses retain moisture and resist deposits.

Your astigmatism no longer means you have to put up with blurred vision or eyeglasses. Air Optix® for Astigmatism gives you consistently stable vision in a comfortable contact lens in a convenient monthly lens. Each box contains a 6 month supply for one eye.
Brand Air Optix
Lens Duration One Month

Left eye
Right eye
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