Midtown NYC Eye Glass Lenses

Eyeglass Lenses

Our skilled opticians, using only premium, top quality lenses from our extensive inventory, fill your prescriptions quickly and accurately.

At Grand Central Optical, we combine strict quality controls, with the latest in computerized manufacturing, to create a finished product that exceeds industry standards. Our premium line of lenses includes special features such as:

  • Progressive: For distance, working on computers, and reading, without lines. We now offer digital design lenses.
  • Ultra-Thin: High Index 1.74
  • Thin: High Index 1.67
  • Anti-Reflective: Coating that eliminates glare from computer screens and overhead lights. Good for night driving. Smudge resistant and scratch-resistant. We also offer Avance coating.
  • Transition: Lenses that change from light to dark, depending on the light.
  • Polarized: Glare-resistant lens that allows for true color perception.
  • Polycarbonate: Impact-resistant and lighter weight.
  • UV Protection