Half Hour Service

Half hour service

Your time is valuable and we respect that. That’s why we offer a Half Hour Service. We’ve got a wide range of different types of contacts in stock, so we can dispense them right away and we train first-time wearers.


Once frames are selected, we can make up most glasses in just a half hour; no matter what frame you choose, no matter what the price. That’s because we have an extensive inventory of thin lenses stocked right on the premises. Certain prescriptions, though, will take a bit longer to fill.

Contact Lenses

We have a wide selection of contact lenses in stock, so we can dispense them right away


We look up your insurance information and help fill out all the information, so it’s all completed and submitted to your insurance company before you leave the store.

Repair Service

We tighten, repair, and adjust eyeglasses on the premises at no charge.